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Family Owned for 3 Generations! Consumer Credit of America

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Over 150,000 People Helped Since 1987

A family owned non-profit agency founded by Tom Coates who has appeared on:

– The Today Show
– CBS Sunday Morning
– The New York Times
– Business Week
– The Wall Street Journal

…as an expert in debt relief.

Here’s One of Their TV Commercials- Seen It?

“A+” BBB Rating & Tom Sits on the Local BBB Board of Directors

The BBB is one of the few trusted resources for online reviews and Consumer Credit of America has an outstanding track record. There are huge benefits to using this 20 employee family run agency namely….honesty, integrity, and caring friendly counselors who can guide you every step of the way.

Tom’s wife, parents, and both of his daughters work at Consumer Credit of America as well. You’ll be in good hands.

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The Company Is a Member of AICCCA & IFC

Both organizations are dedicated to high quality standards and proper training of financial counselors to help people become debt free. Membership in organizations such as these speak to the company’s dedication and commitment to high standards of service for their customers.

Get a Customized Plan and Become Debt Free

Consumer Credit of America will provide a FREE consultation to better understand your financial situation before providing you with a personalized plan tailored specifically for your needs. In the end you’ll pay a single affordable consolidated monthly payment based upon your budget.

Listen to Actual Client Testimonials!

“Before I met with Consumer Credit, I felt so trapped and helpless. All of you have been sooo wonderful to work with and instead of paying my credit cards by myself and it taking 10 years, I’ve paid them off in a year and a half with the help of your company. I want to thank you all again and I will continue to recommend you to anyone I meet!”


“Thanks again so much Kent. My middle credit score was 701. I owe it all to Consumer Credit. Thanks to you, my credit rating has improved so much that I am in the process of buying a house.”


About 5 years ago, my life was spiraling out of control. Monetarily I was approximately $10,000 in debt with credit cards. I was only making minimum payments and the interest kept adding. Then I saw Mr. Coates commercial on TV, made a call to Consumer Credit, and after that was a God send in progress. Now I’ve settled, paid off all credit card debt and couldn’t be happier. God Bless Consumer Credit.

I would like to thank you for helping eliminate my credit card debit…you guys are a life-saver…i have told so many people about you and i hope that if they are ever in the situation i was in to contact you as i know it would have taken years for me to pay off my credit cards. I now only get things i can pay with cash…which is a great feeling to say i owe nothing for what i purchased!!!! So again Thank you Thank you Thank you.

Thanks to each and everyone there for helping my husband and I through a tough period. Without your care and concern, we would not have been able to do this on our own! You will never know how grateful we are. Thank you for your caring and positive attitudes!

Consumer Credit of America Can Help You with Your Debt Too

See for yourself how Consumer Credit of America can help relieve you from your debt.

By calling Consumer Credit of America you are taking the first step and it is totally risk free. The complimentary, FREE consultation can help you get the information you need to make an informed decision.

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