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Hello. I have Credit card debt and also a collection on a Truck I no longer have. I have been out of work for 2 1/2 years do to a work related injury, and the work comp case is not going to be over any time soon. I have lost alot of money do to this and have fallen behind on my bills. The collection company handleing my truck is talking court. The only choice I think I have is dept help or Bankruptcy. what should I do?

Hello. If you no longer have your truck I assume it was reposessed, no? If so then that truck was the security for that debt meaning you no longer are obligated to pay it off.

I may not have the circumstances correct but if that’s what happened you should take a free consultation with a local bankruptcy lawyer and see what they suggest.

As far as your other debts are concerned, if you have little or no income coming in and you have no other sources of cash that you can access (maybe by selling off some things or downsizing your lifestyle), then it sounds like bankruptcy may be something you are facing at some point.

In order to reduce your debt through a debt settlement program (a bankruptcy alternative), you need to have some income to make the reduced monthly payments.

See if a local bankruptcy attorney can give you some good advice.