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I am currently enrolled with care one credit and have a debt of $7,500 . I just received a collections letter for another $1,966. My question is do I enroll that extra $1,966 with care one, wait till they settle for a lower amount, or should I enroll in a debt relief program. MY score at this time is 646 and I am currently looking for a (state/federal) job. Which will not effect my credit the most?

Sorry for the delay in responding to your question. From what you said, youi are already enrolled with CareOne so you should speak with them regarding any additional questions about your debts. Assuming they are doing a satisfactory job for you, use them as your guide as to anything that comes up. That guidance is what they are there for and that is what you are paying them to do.

Ask them, they will tell you what you should do and how it may affect the process that they presumably they have already started for you to help you get out of debt.