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Please help me, do debt relief programs really work? That is only paying back less than what you actually owe.

Hello. Yes debt relief programs do work for thousands of people each year. However there are several types of programs namely:

Debt settlement
Debt management
Debt consolidation (if you own a home with equity in it)

So it really depends on your financial situation, the risk level you can take, your credit score, your income level, the types of debts you have, and several other possible factors.

I suggest you read through this site to learn about the different types of debt solutions and then speak to a few companies to help you in your decision. Each company you speak with will:

1. explain their program
2. tell you how the consolidated payment plan works
3. what your new monthly payment will be
4. how fast they hope to have you debt free

Then you can decide which (if any) plan works the best for you. There is no charge for getting a verbal proposal from each company you speak with so you have nothing to lose. Bottom line, you really need to do your research before you make a decision so you end up not only with the right debt solution, but also the right debt relief company.