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I have been advised by a lawyer that once debt goes into collection or charge off they cannot call you at work under fdcpa act of 1977 revised in 1995. You have to send a registered letter to advise that you may not receive personal calls at work. There is a 1-800 # to call if a collector persistently calls you at work more than twice a week that is a violation under the fdcpa.

Hello. Well, I am not a lawyer so certainly your lawyer will give you any advice that you need but my understanding as I explain here is that once you are represented by a lawyer, a 3rd party collection agency must stop calling you.

However, the creditor who you actually owe the money to can continue to call to collect. Typically, if you hire a representative like a debt settlement company, a lawyer, or a credit counseling agency, they will end up taking most of the calls on you behalf.