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ok question, i was look around on the internet and found a page that states that you can get a loan to pay off your debts by a debt solutions, i went there and gave all my information they said i qulified for the program but they wanted 399 down first and then 300 a month after that . if its a debt loan company why asked for money to get started?

I’d imagine your situation is one of 2 things regarding your debt solutions company that you found:

1. They are a scam
2. There is some confusion as to the types of services they provide.

You are correct in that obviously no “loan company” should be asking YOU for money however, they may be a debt settlement company or debt management company in which case you would pay them.

I’d be sure to ask a lot more questions and don’t do anything until you understand exactly what you need and what this company cabn provide to you. Thanks and be careful.