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How can I be certain that I won’t end up in greater trouble by using a debt solution company?

Actually, like everything in life, there are no guarantees. Debt solutions have varying degrees of risks with debt settlement being the riskiest and debt management being less risky. Debt settlement is a process that credit card companies generally dislike (of course) because they prevent them from getting all their money back. For this reason, in certain instances, some creditors can get nasty and there is always the risk of them filing lawsuits to try and force you to pay them everything you owe.

However, most people who enter debt settlement do so beacuse they are way behind and their income can in no way pay for the debt they have accumulated. In this case, often, the credit card companies would rather get something vs. nothing (as in the case with bankruptcies).

A good way to think about it is, if you REALLY are in trouble (and not just trying to pay back less than you owe) AND you work with a reputable and honest debt settlement company, then odds are you will greatly reduce your risks of a lawsuit and debt settlement is a solution you should explore.

On the other hand a debt management solution is encouraged by credit card companies as they look at these services as helpful to consumers before they get in major financial trouble and start having to consider debt settlement. In debt management the creditor also get almost all of their money back (although over a much longer period of time) so they prefer consumers use those programs. Therefore, the risks are less with debt management but you will pay more and it will typically take 5-7 years to get out of your debt.