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In the state of ohio are there changing laws that state that you must go through a law firm to do a debt settlement. I heard if this is not in place it will be soon.

At the time of this writing, there are no specific federal laws to handle the regulations of debt settlement and negotiation although that could be changing soon. Debt settlement laws vary greatly state by state and change regularly as states enact new measures to try and protect their residents from dishonest companies. In some cases the regulations go overboard resulting in settlement companies pulling out of the state leaving residents without help, even from the reputable companies.

Debt management provided by credit counseling companies generally tends to be more widely accepted by most state governments but for those consumers who are not helped enough by a debt management program, their only option is often bankruptcy without debt settlement.

Is there a reputable debt settlement company I know available to assist residents in your state? When you request a free report, I send you information on a company I know who can help you where you live. If none is available, I’ll let you know.