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i’m wondering if you actually do comparative debt company ratings or are you recommending companies…It seems that you may be the advocate for 1 company!? How can I know?

Hello.I refer one of several debt relief companies to each person who requests my help depending on the information you provide me with. How do you know? Good question. I guess you have to make a decision as to if you trust what I have to say or not. Certainly I do not know everything but many people find the information on my site helpful as well as the referrals I made that guide people to a particular debt solution company. There is no service for debt settlement ratings or debt management ratings so I hope I can provide you with helpful information

I guess, I’d ask you this. What do you have to lose? More than likely you will be contacting a few debt solutions companies to see what is best for you anyway. When I give you the name of a company I know that can work in your state, you have the option of adding them to the list of companies you will be talking to for comparison’s sake.

The bottom line is, I do not know your situation so my objective is only to help you speak to one of the companies I know well and have personally met with the owners and visited their offices. All I can do is provide you with some preliminary screening based on my opinion. You will, of course, need to form your own opinion and make your own decision as to what’s best for you.

Thanks for the good question.