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Would you please help me by giving me the name of a debt sett. company I can trust. There were two I looked into, but not sure, one is Debt Settlement USA and the other is Prestige Financial Services. Please let me know ASAP, as we need to get enrolled somewhere. Thanks for your time.

Hello, I do not know the 2 companies you mentioned well at all except I believe that Debt Settlement USA is a rather large company if that makes you comfortable, however, don’t just assume that because a company is large means they run a good settlement program. They very well may be excellent, you just need to find out more about them as I do not have an opinion of them. Compare the 2 programs and see which you feel best with. It’s an individual decision that only you can make.

Anyone else you want to add to you list as a canidate depends on where you live and how much debt you have. Every debt settlement company I know well has certain states in which they do not do business so assuming both those companies can help you, and you like them both, go ahead and pick one based on your own best judgement and research. Thanks.