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In my research of various companies, I’ve found that some require to pay the fees up front, and others pay on performance. I feel that if we pay up front, then what is the motivation of the company to settle the best deal when they get paid on the total amount and the fees are not refundable if they don’t do what is promissed.

Companies charge there fees in many ways, some more performance based than others. Most companies will take a portion of their fees upfront to cover their initial costs and then spread the balance out over the term of their services.

I would be leary of companies that ask for all of their money up front as that is a red flag. However, if you can find a company you like that is willing to work on more of a performance basis and you feel good about them, then that’s great.

In general most companies try to collect about 1/3 to 1/2 of what they are owed within the first 3-6 months of the program from what I understand. Look around, they all have different ways of collecting their 15% (on average) of your debt amount that they help you with.

Just be careful not to shop on price alone, the decision is too important to just go with the company with the lowest fees. In dealing with your money, honesty and integrity should be your primary concern.