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what is the difference between a Debt Settlement Lawyer and Debt settlement Company? Which is better to choose?

Actually, many debt settlement companies that are of any size have either in house attorneys on staff or they are contracted with an outside law firm to assist them if and when needed on various client cases. While this is not an essential requirement, I do believe it is better to work though a company that at least has access to legal counsel on demand when needed. It just provides an extra layer of security should something go wrong in the negotiations and a court procedure is initiated by your creditors.

There are some lawyers who have set up companies (or firms) specializing in debt settlement procedures. Often they also offer the services of bankruptcy counsel should that be required.

While working with a law firm is good (or better) than some debt settlement companies, you still need to check them out thoroughly before you sign up. Too many people assume that all lawyers are good and honest but do your research, they are people too so there are good ones and bad ones.