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MY debt is not from credit card debt but form unsecured loans. Is debt management still an option for me?

Hello. Debt settlement for unsecured loans is definately an option for you even if the debt is not credit card related. A debt management program is questionable depending on exactly the type of unsecured debt you have. Many debt management programs (often run by credit counseling agencies) get a portion of their fees from the creditors you owe money to. Since they are actually assisting the creditors collect debts that the consumer may or may not pay back without the help of the debt management program supporting him/her, the creditors will pay the debt management company a fee for their help.

Most consumer unsecured debts are from credit card companies but if yours is from something other than that like a personal loan from an individual or an unsecured bank loan, you will need to speak with the debt management firm to find out if they are able/willing to assist you. Most likely, if the debt is not from a large loan company, you will want to negotiate it down through a debt settlement program or an attorney.