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what is a third party debt settlement trust account? I’m so afraid getting ripped off by these companies, Will they be able to get into my acct? And could they go after my husband for my debt?

A third party trust account is like a bank account a debt settlement company sets up for you. It is meant to protect your monthly deposits in an account only you control. When enough money accumulates in that account, the settlement company will request your permission to access it to pay off the creditors one by one as they negotiate the debts.

I suggest you find out who the trust account is set up with and do your research on that company (bank) as well to ensure your money is safe.

As far as your husband is concerned, that is really a complicated question that would require a lot more information to answer. I suggest you speak to a lawyer about that to get a real answer. Sorry I cannot be of more help on that one. Thanks.