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If I got ripped off by a debt settlement company, how can I get my money back?

Hello. You have a debt settlement company problem that really requires legal help and I am not a lawyer. If you really want to fight for your money back that is probably the only way you can have a chance but of course it depends on the situation and if they broke any of their contractual obligations. A lawyer can review the contract you had with them and help you determine what you may be able to do.

Unfortunately, there are organizations out there that sometimes cheat people and it hurts the reputation of the entire industry including those debt settlement companies that really do assist people get out of debt. Like anything else, there are good companies and bad companies which is why extensive research is very important before you sign up with anyone.

Choose carefully – it is not only a financial decision but also one that has legal consequences. But don’t get frustrated, there are good honest debt settlement companies that do the best the can for their clients given each individual circumstance they are dealing with.