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Aren’t there any settlement companies out there that will negotiate the settlement and start making the payments with in 30 days?

How they operate varies from company to company and also on your particular financial situation. Typically, debt settlement companies do not start negotiations for many months after you enter their program because it takes that long for you to accumulate enough money for them to negotiate with.

In other words, if you owe $10,000, and the target settlement is $5,000, and your predetermined payment plan with the settlement company is $500/month then a settlement company will typically wait until about 10 months after you start their program before they start negotiations. The reason is that they can go to your creditor and say we will give you $5,000 NOW if you forgive the other $5,000. This is a generalization of the process and surely, some settlement companies can work in other ways.

In a debt management program, you start to make payments immediately, your interest rates and late fees are reduced, and your credit score gets hurt less, however, it takes a lot longer to get out of debt and your consolidated monthly payments are not reduced by as much. But maybe that is a better solution for you? If so, you would not use a debt settlement company.