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How do I pay the debt settlement company fees that is working for me?

Good question. After all, if you are in debt, you cannot spend a lot of money to get out of debt. Debt settlement is for people who have an income but their expenses and debt amount have gotten to be more than they can realistically handle. Debt settlement is not free and the companies that provide this service have many different ways they get paid but their fee plans are obviously designed in such a way that their fees are manageable given your situation and are mostly paid over a period of time.

Debt settlement reduces your debts, lowers your monthly payment (fees included), and you typically become debt free in 18-36 months. The fees paid to the company may be spread out over that time period, they may take a percentage of the savings thier services have provided to you, or a combination of both.

You will discuss their fee structure during the initial free consultation. Each company operates differently and they often can tailor their fee structure to accomodate new clients particular situations. It really depends on the settlement company you end up using.

I hope that helps to answer your question.