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My husband lost his job and has gotten another but is making half of what he was. Our CC debt is over $50,000. (My husband also had colon cancer & chemo before he lost his GOOD job). I am thinking of going with Freedom Debt Relief, they are a member of BBB and have a good standing. Are they one of the good ones? and is 15% on the dollar of the money you bring in (the $50 something) a good deal?

Glad to hear your husband is doing better. As far as Freedom Debt Relief is concerned, I often get asked about them and I originally answered the question about that debt help company here. I believe they are rather large but I do not know much else about them and I have never met with them.

The 15% you cite is a pretty standard fee stucture in the debt settlement industry give or take. However, the methods of payment and the collection process for those fees varies widely between different companies. Most companies like to collect a portion of your monthly payments as a contribution to their overall fees especially in the beginning when you are starting their program.

Some companies are a bit more aggressive about being paid based on results but in general, due to the long time you will be in the program, most companies need to cover their costs of working on your account throughout the entire process of the debt settlement rather than wait till the end.