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DMB Financial Has Over 13,000 Clients!

DMB Financial was founded in 2003 and has grown rapidly employing over 50 professionals who provide debt settlement services to more than 13,000 clients. They have saved their clients over $120 million in credit card debt and counting.

Their Fee Is Largely “Success Based”

What does this mean? They are one of the few companies who gets paid mostly based on how they perform for you. They align their success with yours so they have an incentive to get you the best settlement possible in the least amount of time.

The Company Is a Board Member of TASC

TASC stands for The Association of Settlement Companies, the leading industry association. They are also key members of their Legislative, Statistical, and Standards Committees within TASC. This organization is one of the primary associations dedicated to promoting best practices and self regulation within the debt settlement industry.

I Have Visited Their Offices

When visiting their headquarters outside of Boston, Massachusetts it is evident that the founders who have over 50 years of combined financial services experience, know what they are doing.

Additionally, the company’s referral business is quite impressive due to its high level of client service. Here are a few examples of their dedication to clients:

  1. Clients can participate in a weekly teleconference call with DMB’s senior management enabling them to ask questions and get advice when needed
  2. Clients are assigned a dedicated client services representative
  3. Clients are automatically entered into a monthly client contest where they have a chance to win and have get their monthly debt payment matched by DMB
  4. The company provides financial guidance through helpful articles and money management tips provided in a seasonal client newsletter.

All in all, it is an impressive operation run by dedicated professionals.

Get a Customized Plan and Become Debt Free

If you have over $10,000 in unsecured debts (does not include home or car loans), DMB will provide a FREE consultation to better understand your financial situation before providing you with a personalized plan tailored specifically for your needs.

In the end you’ll pay a single affordable monthly payment based upon your budget – not theirs.

Furthermore, because you are now being represented by DMB, they will take most of the calls you’ve likely been receiving from your creditors.

You Maintain Control of Your Money

Once you become a DMB client, you will pay the agreed upon amount on a monthly basis into a 3rd party trust account that DMB will set up on your behalf.

Why is this important?

Because you can rest easy knowing that your money is being held safely in an independant 3rd party trust account controlled by you.

Once enough funds have accumulated, DMB will request your permission to begin paying off each creditor, one by one. And DMB will only pay your creditor the reduced amount negotiated on your behalf – not a penny more!

Check Out Real Client Results!

Lender Debt Amount Settlement SAVINGS
Bank of America $41,241 $10,000 $31,241
MBNA $36,847 $5,500 $31,347
Bank of America $23,600 $3,525 $20,075
Bank of America $20,565 $12,338 $8,227
Chase Bank USA $18,441 $6,824 $11,617
Bank of America $15,852 $4,990 $10,862
Bank of America $16,582 $6,633 $9,949
Washington $14,937 $8,963 $5,974
MBNA $14,165 $2,901 $11,264
Chase Bank USA $12,433 $6,100 $6,333
Pioneer Military $7,286 $3,270 $4,016
Wells Fargo $5,692 $2,277 $3,415
Mission Hills $3,957 $1,150 $2,807
American Express $3,189 $638 $2,554

Listen to Actual DMB Financial Clients!

I just had to write to you today to tell you how DMB Financial turned a very difficult time in my life into something so much better.

While trying to get a new business venture off the ground, I had, unfortunately, accumulated some very substantial and overwhelming debt. I finally came to the realization that I was never going to be able to keep up with the payments. After phoning your company, I spoke with a very knowledgeable individual named Alycia. To my surprise, by the time our conversation ended, I could clearly see there was hope for the first time in 3 years!

After exchanging some preliminary information over the phone and doing a little research with regards to my accumulated debt, two faxes were sent. Following the exchange of information and being knowledgeable about how the program worked, I felt like somebody lifted a 600-pound Gorilla off my back.

What most impressed me about DMB Financial is the way they handle things. That is, my creditor will receive a fair return on their money while I get another chance at life. I see this as a win-win for all. Finally, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and it’s no longer a train coming towards me!
Thank you so much.

Richard S.

Until I began working with DMB Financial, I didn’t have a plan, or any hope really, for becoming debt free. I thought carrying large balances on my credit cards was simply going to be a way of life. Then I learned that debt settlement might be an option for me. I initially contacted several companies, but declined because of negative Better Business Bureau records. I continued my search until I came across DMB Financial who didn’t have a single negative report!

I have been working with DMB Financial for the past year and it has truly been the best financial decision I have ever made. From the initial packet of information, to the follow-up phone calls, I have been extremely impressed with the clarity and step-by-step instructions provided by them. Every step of the way, I have been met with knowledgeable, confident, and a reassuring staff of professionals. The DMB program has been work, but I feel confident knowing that if I follow the steps outlined by the program, it will be successful.

For the first time in my life, I feel a sense of financial hope. This is such a gift. I no longer feel like a “loser,” wondering how and if I will ever get myself out of my financial mess. I consider myself to be very lucky that the company I chose to help me with my debt situation was DMB Financial.

Kimberly D.R.

While researching the Internet about debt management and debt consolidation I discovered DMB Financial. At the time, I was overburdened by debt and was fearful for my future financial stability.

Although I initially felt anxious and uncertain, I immediately began to feel more upbeat after my first phone call with a DMB representative. The program advisor I spoke with was understanding, professional, and held no judgments against me. By the end of our first conversation, we had a plan in place!

I started my program in September 2004 and expect to be finished in another few months. All the while, the professionals at DMB have been very supportive throughout my journey back to financial health.

When my program is finished, I hope I can find an appropriate way of expressing my gratitude towards the folks at DMB since I feel as though they are my extended family. The service they have provided is life changing and life affirming.

Thank you, DMB, for all your help!

Patricia M.S.

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