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Like many people these days you have a problem with too much credit card debt that seems to grow no matter what you do to stop it because of the huge interest rates, ridiculous fees, and increasing costs. You are considering debt settlement…

…But Now You Have Another Problem

You keep hearing the nightmare stories with people warning you about bad debt relief companies that victimize their “customers” by over-promising, lying, taking their money, and generally not helping them at all.

Who’s Good?

At the same time there are newspaper articles, stories on the news, and posts all over the internet talking about shady debt relief companies who took their client’s money, there are dozens of TV commercials and radio ads all telling you their company can get you out of debt – but who should you trust?

There are no brand name companies you’re likely to recognize and it’s not a subject people typically talk about with friends and family so you’re stuck.

Yes, Honest & Reputable Help Is Available

Don’t give up hope, maybe I can help you. Yes there are many bad companies out there that cast a shadow on the good ones but Trustworthy and Reliable debt settlement companies DO EXIST. Many thousands of people use these companies every year to:

  • Lower their monthly payments
  • Reduce the amount of debt they pay back
  • Stop debt accumulation
  • Reduce collections calls

There people are lucky and smart enough to have found these reputable debt settlement companies who are out there providing invaluable help to people struggling with debt and turning their financial lives around. But who wants to rely on luck when dealing with serious financial issues? Read on as I may be able to help you.

How Can Debt Settlement Save You Money?

Debt settlement is the process by which you actually reduce the amount of your debt by 40, 50, even 60%! Here’s how: The best debt and credit settlement companies have established relationships with most large creditors and they negotiate your debt DOWN to reduce your outstanding balance.

Discover How to Break the Cycle of Debt – Avoid Bankruptcy with Debt Settlement

Debt settlement has proven to be a way out for many people and a great alternative to filing for bankruptcy.

It can allow you to become debt free in 18-36 months.

As you may know, bankruptcy has become much more difficult to file. Under the new laws, a person must go through extensive counseling and a review process prior to filing bankruptcy. Debt settlement is a way around the cumbersome bankruptcy process and the stigma associated with it.

It May Reduce Your Creditors Calls

A big benefit of choosing debt settlement can be that many of your creditor calls will be handled by your debt settlement company. The good companies have established relationships with all the major credit card companies so they maintain ongoing contact with your creditors during the negotiation process.

Do You Qualify for Debt Settlement?

Not everybody does. A reputable company will need to prequalify you to ensure your situation may be helped, not hurt, by the debt settlement process.

Debt Settlement can only help you with unsecured debts like credit cards that total $10,000 or more.

Car loans, home loans, and student loans do not qualify for debt settlement programs and there are other alternatives for you if those are the debts you have.

Yes, medical bills do qualify as unsecured debts as do unsecured personal loans along with the most common unsecured debts, the credit card bills.

You must have the ability to consistently make the lower monthly payments you agree to. If you stick to the plan, you can become debt free.

What If You Have Less Than $10,000 in Debt?

Not a problem. I will suggest you speak to a highly qualified debt management agency. They can discuss a program that can reduce your interest rates and fees to lower your payments.

Is Debt Settlement Right For You?

Only you can decide. It depends on your personal situation, your comfort level, and your intermediate term financial goals. There is no “one size fits all” debt solution. Start by speaking with a reputable debt relief company I can suggest to you then do your research to discover the best solution for your situation.

Here’s How I Can Help.

I have worked with dozens of debt relief companies of all types and sizes. During the past few years, I came to realize the massive amount of confusion and mistrust that many people have towards debt settlement companies.

And in some cases, rightly so. In general, most debt settlement companies are small and it’s nearly impossible to find out anything about them other than what they tell you.

How can you separate the legitimate ones from the dozens of inexperienced fly by night high pressure sales operations that seemingly open up every week? Which ones should you consider to really lead you out of debt?

I Have Done a Lot of Research For You.

I have decided to use my experience in working with these companies, having personally met their owners and managers, touring their offices, and seeing the results they produce for their clients firsthand…to help you.

So here’s what I did, I went out and approached the companies I believe be reputable and made a deal with them. I told them I was building a site about legitimate debt relief options and that I wanted to suggest their companies. We set up a marketing relationship and they became clients of mine. These carefully screened companies are ones I’ve always believed in and have proven to me over many years after suggesting thousands of people to each of them, that they each provide a reputable, reliable, and honest service.

I have a very long established track record with each company I suggest. I get thank you emails each and every day from people who appreciate the research I’ve done. They are now in good hands with a plan to become debt free using a reputable company to help them get there.

Free Report- I Will Suggest One of These Companies to You

There is no catch, no fine print, no obligation, no high pressure sales pitch, or anything like that. You simply provide some simple answers to some simple questions and I will send you a Free Report about one of the reputable debt settlement companies I’ve met with and researched.

Why is This Free?

That’s easy, because my objective is to match you with a great credit card debt solution provider. I have nothing to sell you. Tens of thousands of people have asked my help for debt advice and I match people just like you to debt companies I know and trust. If I am wrong, I want to hear about it. I take pride in my reputation.

People Thank Me ALL the Time

I am not an employee at any of these companies, never have been, and never will be. I suggest this select group of debt relief companies because I am convinced they really do provide honest solutions that help thousands of people become debt free each year. I provide this as a marketing service but as you can tell, I am very selective about who I work with.

What Do You Do Next? It’s Fast and Simple.
  1. Just help me help you – answer the simple questions below
  2. Based on your answers, I will suggest a debt relief company to you
  3. Read the free report, talk to them, and then you decide

I’ll Help – But It’s Your Decision

Because only you can determine what is best for your financial situation, you need to decide which credit card debt solution that you are comfortable with. Take my opinion as a starting point. Talk to the company I suggest and see how they can assist you. I strongly encourage you to do your own research on them as well in addition to talking to a few other companies. Only then can you make an informed decision.

No Risk and You Are Not Obligated to Do Anything – You’ll Just Get Helpful Free Information.

I will provide you with:

  1. Debt Settlement Provider I Know and Trust
  2. A Helpful Free Report With Good Information You Can Use
  3. A Free Consultation with a Professional Counselor at the Company
  4. A Lower Your Monthly Payment Quote

Get Straight Answers – Not a High Pressure Sales Pitch

Each company I know and research is a professional organization that will provide you with straightforward answers. Be sure to ask them the tough questions about them and their proposed solution. Getting out of debt is difficult but they have seen thousands of cases just like yours and have helped those people become debt free.

Complete the Simple Information Below

I will send you my FREE Report about one of the debt companies I’ve researched. To prevent information overload, only 1 of the professional companies I know will provide you with your free consultation so you can decide if it’s a good one for you.

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