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Is this company a member of the Better Business Bureau? I have searched and have been unable to locate any information that they are

The companies I refer people to are sometimes members of the better business bureaus in their areas and some of them are not. BBB’s are basically localized offices run independently of one another by different people who have been granted the right to run the BBB in their area by the central office.

Having said that each BBB office has different opinions of debt relief companies and how they rate them. Some give letter grades and others stick to satisfactory and unsatisfactory. Either way, you need to consider the number of complaints resistered against the debt relief company vs. the number of clients that company has.

If you have a debt settlement company that has 5000 clients but only a few dozen compliants registered over the past 3 years, then that is good in my book. Think about it, they are servicing 5000 people who are in need of their services so of course there will be a few dozen who have something go wrong in the process that leads to a complaint.

There are no guarantees in debt settlement so I imagine that people get very upset if the process does not go as smoothly as they had hoped in working with the creditors, even if it is not something that the debt solutions company can control – guess who the client will blame.

Now, no doubt, you should inquire about the rating of the company you choose and if there are more complaints than what makes you comfortable, ask them to explain why and how they address conflicts to resolve them. Thanks.