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I am $150K in debt and in a management program. Debt was racked up by husband and now we are splitting up. He is not paying anything towards the debt. it will take 75% of my paycheck every month. what can I do?

It sounds like a sticky issue that may require some legal assistance. Without getting into the situation between you and your husband, assuming you are stuck with the debt, your options are debt management (like you are doing), debt settlement, or bankruptcy.

If the debt management program has reduced your payments but it still is not enough, then you may want to research debt settlement. Besides bankruptcy, debt settlement is the only way to reduce what you owe (besides home equity, asset sales, etc). For example, with debt settlement you may be able to reduce your payments by 50% or more which can provide you with immediate relief. Of course there are downsides and risks that you need to consider and discuss with the debt settlement companies you speak with.

I hope that helps – sorry for the delayed response.