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Hi is me again. I actually joined the US debt resolve for 3 months. And last week i have been receiving calls from law firm / collection companies. And i just received a letter from the law firm. I am so afraid I will get sued. I told my debt analyst, he said they will take care for me. and don’t worry. I am very worry…can you tell me if I am ok. I am so afraid I will get sued. thanks!

Hello. I suggest you keep in close contact with your debt relief company as you are a client of theirs and only they know your exact situation and how you might be able to limit the risks. In the debt settlement business, there are no guarantees that you will not be sued but many solid companies are able to greatly minimize the risks due to their relationships with the major credit card companies.

I do not know the company you have signed up with so I do not have an opinion on their services. If they have treated you well thus far then just maintain open communications with them and express your concerns. Try and get them to tell you exactly what they are doing about the situation so you have a better understanding. Maybe they can forward you copies of their written communications.

I wish you the best.