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Everytime I get close to deciding what debt relief action to take, I read really bad experiences that clients have had with that Co. I just know I need to get with a Co. fast & get started. I really don’t know what direction to take that’s going to keep me out of trouble. (lawsuits & judgement & even warrants.) Can you really give some advice?

Each person’s situation is different and any decision should be based on your own research and based on what solution/company is best for you. My referrals and website are a helpful starting point but ultimately, you need to be 100% comfortable with your decisions based on your own judgement.

Debt settlement with any company has risks as you mentioned and any debt settlement company that tells you otherwise is not being truthful. They have no idea how each “case” will turn out but if you find a solid company with enough experience, it raises the odds of making it a smoother experience. The risks will not go away but it is the only real alternative to bankruptcy for many people.