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We recently enrolled with a company out of California. They meet all the requirements you listed but I checked them out with the BBB and they had an “F” rating. Now I am really concerned. They generally were in disfavor with most debt negotiators also. Do you know of them? Also, what are the chances that you can be taken to court over some of these accounts since they are not paid at the same time?

So here’s the problem. You need debt help and you’ve decided that a debt negotiation might be the best solution for your situation. But what company can you trust? Where do you turn to find good debt negotiators? There are no centralized rating systems for companies in the industry nor are there companies that have brand names you are likely to be familiar with.

There are hundreds of debt relief companies out there and you hear dozens of TV and radio ads all about getting help for your debt. But without understanding what questions you need to ask to help you separate the reputable companies from potential scams, you could find yourself in a worse financial situation. Some people turn to the BBB for debt negotiator ratings but, in my opinion, that’s only partially helpful. People take a quick glance at the BBB letter grade and base their decision on that without realizing how the BBB even determines that grade or how that grade may not be truly representative of the company, for better or for worse.

In many cases the BBB paints the debt settlement industry with a broad brush and the result is poor debt settlement ratings often even for established companies that have thousands of clients and relatively few complaints. So there is no good single source to reference for debt settlement company ratings. You must educate yourself about the process, the benefits, the drawbacks, and even the potential risks so you can interview the companies you are considering for debt relief. You want a debt relief company that is upfront and honest, not one that is pushy and untruthful. Where to turn? Right here. My site has hundreds of pages of useful information to help you learn as well as reputable company reports for free.