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How Do Credit Negotiation Services Get Rid of Debt?

To someone who does not understand the debt relief business and how it works, it can seem puzzling that you can reduce and eliminate your debt without filing for bankruptcy. To many people who are in serious need of debt help, it sounds too good to be true that credit negotiation services can get rid of debt and therefore, it is met with lots of skepticism and rightly so.

Adding to the confusion is the fact that the credit negotiation industry generally operates below the radar of most people simply because it is relatively small and fragmented (not to mention the influence of the big and powerful credit card companies whose armies of lawyers intend to keep it that way).

Credit negotiation works!

Despite your skepticism, the truth is that tens of thousands of people use these debt services to reduce their debts every year. If you are really struggling with your unsecured debts like credit cards and want to avoid bankruptcy, it is a viable option that should be investigated by you.

How does it work?

The basic process works as follows:

  1. You get a free consultation from a reliable credit negotiation company
  2. They will discuss your financial situation with you to determine what you can afford to pay
  3. They will present you with a reduced monthly payment plan to get you debt free typically within 18-36 months
  4. You will then get started!
  5. Make 1 monthly payment into a 3rd party trust account that you control but your debt negotiation company will set up for you
  6. Once you have paid a decent sum of money into that account, they will start the negotiations with your creditors
  7. Your creditors often agree to accept a percentage of your outstanding debt and forgive the balance
  8. Your creditors are paid off one by one until you are debt free!

Why does it work?
Put yourself in your creditors shoes for a moment. If someone owed you money but was unable to pay it back, you are likely going to be willing to take something over nothing. If that person said I have half the money right now which I will give to you immediately in exchange for releasing me from the obligation of having to pay off the remaining balance owed, you’d likely say yes.

This is exactly what happens. The monthly payment you make into the trust account builds up and, therefore is not going to your creditors. Since your creditors are not getting paid, once it builds up enough to offer them a nice lump sum, the debt negotiation service you hire will begin the discussions and offer them whatever amount you have in the trust account.

There are many legal details involved and some risks so it is essential that you use a large established debt negotiation company who has the creditor relationships already in place as well lawyers on staff to assist you with your case if needed. Discover the 3 most important questions to ask when hiring a debt relief company.

Like all important financial decisions, do your research before making a decision as to what credit negotiation solution is right for you.