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I am overwhelmed with credit card debt. I lost my roommate so therefore I have been having to pay my full amount of rent. Almost all of my debt is in collections. I want to do what is best morally and ethically. I think consolidation would be best for me.

Yes, although they cannot help you with your rent, you sound like you need to speak with a credit counseling agency to learn about their debt management programs. These programs are often backed by the credit card companies themselves and are intended to help people who are struggling and need help but do not feel comfortable with debt settlement or bankruptcy. It is the safer, more conservative route for those who are not too deep in debt yet.

However, please be careful using the term “consolidation”. I wrote about the different ways “consolidation” is used here. The way you describe consolidation, I think you mean debt management but just be sure the people at the debt relief firms you speak with mean the same thing that you are talking about.