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So Which Companies Are Good?…Good Question!

I have worked with many debt management companies over the years and through my personal research and face to face meetings, I believe the companies I suggest are relieable, honest, and reputable. I know which companies have been in business for a long time and are not the “fly by night” companies that seem to pop up weekly as the economy struggles.

Face to Face
Even more than that is the fact that I have met with the owners and operators of each of these companies in person. In fact, I have flown across the country and toured the offices of each company I suggest. Why? Because that’s the best way to get a full picture of any organization, meet the people behind it and see the operations.

Specifically, I look at:

  1. How well the company services its clients?
  2. How much experience the owners have in the business?
  3. How much referral business do they get from other satisfied clients?
  4. Is everything done in-house to ensure a smooth debt relief process?

I Get Thank You’s From People Daily

I have done all of this investigation already and you can learn from it! The companies I suggest, I have been suggesting to people for years to many thousands of people who have emailed me after benefiting from the information I provide.

So How Can You Consolidate and Save with a Debt Management Solution?

Debt Management Companies help get your financial situation back on track by providing you a solution that makes your debt more manageable and saves you money. How? By consolidating all your unsecured credit card debts into one lower monthly payment with reduced interest rates and fees, thereby helping to eliminate many of the day to day stresses that are associated with debt.

Rest Easier Knowing Their Solutions Are Working For You

A good debt management company is staffed by experienced personal financial advisors who can review your specific situation and come up with a detailed plan to get you debt free. They are experts who will help you plan your family budget. The debt management process includes:

  • Simplifying your payment process by consolidating your credit card bills
  • Reducing your interest rates and fees
  • Decreasing calls from your creditors because they know you’ve found help

You’ve Heard of Non-Profit Credit Counseling, Right?

Well, the primary service most non-profit credit counseling agencies provide is debt management. But it does not mean debt management services are free. Rather, it means that the fees and services these companies can charge are heavily regulated by the Federal government making it affordable to most everyone who thinks debt management will benefit them.

It costs nothing to learn more. A counselor will listen to your situation, provide free advice, and offer helpful suggestions so you can decide what’s best for you.

They Are There To Help You As Much as You Need

When I say help you, I mean REALLY help you. They will help you as much or as little as you wish – the choice is yours. But if you’d like, you may take advantage of all they can offer:

  • Free financial educational materials
  • Ongoing counseling – even after you become debt free
  • Personal assistance and advice

Get Your Credit Score Back on Track

If your credit score has been damaged, taking action to get out of debt can eventually lead to improving your credit score through lower debt to income ratios and a sustained record of on time payments. By consolidating your debts through a reputable debt management company, you are signaling to your creditors that you are committed to working through your problem.

Your Creditors Like Debt Management Providers

Yes, they do because your creditors may fear their ability to get any money back from you if you fall too far behind. Debt management companies help your creditors get repaid by helping you. If not for debt management companies providing consolidation and budgeting services, many people would not know how to free themselves from debt and end up going bankrupt – not good for anybody.

Do You Qualify?

Yes, pretty much everybody does qualify so long as your debt is credit card debt that is unsecured (no mortgage debt, car loans debt, etc. can be included). At the very least by speaking with a debt management company, you’ll know what your options are and they will offer you solid financial advice.

Is It Right for You?

That depends on your situation. The amount of debt you have relative to your income will make be a big part of deciding the best solution for you to get out of debt.

How bad is your debt problem?

  1. Kind of bad?
  2. Pretty bad?
  3. Desperate?

If you have an income that allows you to make your minimum payments but the fees and high interest rates are getting you into deeper trouble, I would put you in the “kind of bad” or “pretty bad” category. In that case consider a Debt Management solution.

However if you are getting closer to desperate and the word “bankruptcy” has started to pop into your regular vocabulary because you have trouble paying even the minimums each month, you need to read about the BEST Debt Settlement Companies I’ve researched.

Regardless of your situation, if your total unsecured debt (credit card bills, medical bills, etc) is less than $10,000 then you probably need to stick with debt management. A debt settlement company typically requires your total unsecured debt amounts to be over $10,000 to qualify.

Which Debt Management Companies are GOOD, HONEST, and PROFESSIONAL?

Do an online search for “Debt Management Company” or “Credit Counseling Agency” and you will get page after page of companies all promising you they are the best solution for you. It’s hard to know which are reputable and which may leave you in worse shape than you are now.

Having been around this industry for many years, I know some very reputable companies. So here’s what I did, I went out and approached the companies I believe be reputable and made a deal with them. I told them I was building a site about legitimate debt relief options and that I wanted to suggest their companies. In turn, they all agreed to pay me each time I suggested their company. These carefully screened companies are ones I’ve always believed in and have proven to me over many years after suggesting thousands of people to each of them, that they all provide a reputable, reliable, and honest service.

And now, as a result, I now have an established track record with each company I suggest and I now get thank you emails daily from people who appreciate the research I’ve done.

I Know Who You Can Trust

There are established companies who will provide you with reliable straightforward information you need to help you do your research in order to make an informed decision as to what’s best for you.

If you’re like me, you’d prefer a company that has:

  • Been in business for many years
  • Knowledgeable and friendly counselors
  • Ongoing support and budgeting assistance
  • Free consultations with no obligation so you can decide for yourself

You start with a simple free consultation. They will gather information from you and then provide you with a customized recommendation to become debt free including a fixed monthly payment plan that consolidates your debts and a target date for when you’ll be debt free. After that, the choice is totally yours!

You need to be 100% comfortable with the solution and the company you choose to assist you. Take my research and information as a starting point to find the honest help you need.

It’s Your Decision!

You have nothing to lose! Simply complete your information below and I will send you my FREE Report on a Debt Management Company I know and trust. Then the company will contact you to discuss their program during a no obligation complimentary consultation. I have done my research and now I will help you do yours. The most important thing is to get started now.

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