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I need info pronto, I have some paper work filled out for another company and I just looked them up under better business and they are rated F in the debt help company BBB ratings. what to do???

The BBB is not the be all, end all in my opinion when looking at different debt help companies. Certainly it is something you want to take into consideration however, there are lots of different BBB offices throughout the country and each has its own way of rating companies from what I understand. The owner of some local BBB’s has biases against certain type of industries and certainly the debt relief industry is often a target. Now, don’t get me wrong, there have been so many scams out there that the debt help industry brought some of their BBB rating pains onto themselves but there are cases, I believe, where F’s are given across the board just because they are in the debt help business.

BBB should be viewed as follows in my opinion:

1. How many complaints a company has vs. # of clients that company has serviced. So if a company has 75 complaints out of 900 clients, that is unacceptable but if its 75 out of 9,000 clients that is actually not nearly as big of a red flag. Unfortunately the BBB does not tell you how many clients a company has serviced or how big they are. You can ask the company how many employees they have to try and get a sense of their size or ask them their client count directly.

2. Has the company responded to the BBB complaints brought against them? If you see too many unresolved or unanswered complaints, that probably means the company does not care about their BBB rating at all and probably will not care about you either.

3. Be careful of a company that has ZERO complaints because in all likelihood (at least in the debt relief business) that means that the company is tiny and may not have the experience you need. Nobody is perfect.

Having said that, understand that BBB is one aspect you certainly want to take into consideration, I am just trying to tell you how to read into the BBB system to make it as useful as possible. There are many bad companies with BBB ratings for sure so be careful and do whatever you feel most comfortable with. I hope that helps.