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I owe like 15,000 including a debt consolidation a year ago,plus i have lots of payday loan,can somebody help me consolidate all my debt into 1 payment

Hello. Unfortunately, if you are looking to reconsolidate your debt consolidation and add in the payday loan, I do not think that is something too many companies will be able to assist you with. I talk about payday loans here and the fact that they really are not something a debt relief company is able to help you with.

The reason is that payday loans can be viewed almost as secured loans in that the money they loan to you is “secured” by your future paycheck. Therefore these loans cannot be negotiated down or consolidated. The rates are fixed at what the payday loan contract you signed states. You should focus on paying off your payday loans ASAP becuase they can really hurt after a short while and you should stick with your original consolidation plan to get your debt paid off. My 2 cents. Thanks.