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Will a debt consolidation office help with a credit card company who is suing?

If you have already been sued by a credit card company, I think you are best off speaking directly with a lawyer who specializes in debt problems rather than a debt consolidation office. A good bankruptcy lawyer is probably your best bet as a place to start even though you may not need or want to to file for bankruptcy. He/she will understand the procedures and know how to handle your case.

Understand that lawyers who do this type of work often are able to structure their fees in a manner that is not prohibitive in many cases. Do not think that just because it is a lawyer, you cannot afford it. These lawyers specialize in helping people in debt as their career and they typically have adjusted their fee structure to accomodate these situations. It’s worth the call to find out the details for yourself since they often offer free initial consultations.

Best of luck to you.