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I owed about $2000 on a credit card I had back in college now they are coming back and they want for me to pay them $6000 or that they are pressing a lawsuit against me. I don’t have much money because I have a premature baby that is sick and needs medical attention, but I do want to settle this account that has been bothering me because it just adds to my stress is there something I can do. My overall debt that is in collection is about 10,000 not including my student loans which are in forebearance and my car which I pay on a monthly basis. I want to look at consolidating companies, but from reading several reports it seems that you need to have a lot of debt in order for it to be worth it. What should I do? Is there a way to stop a lawsuit from happening? Where should I start? sorry for the long questions :-) but I am desperate for answers.

It sounds like you have several types of debts which can pose a problem. The student loan debt is something that debt consolidating companies offering debt management or debt settlement solutions cannot assist you with. In terms of your credit card debt, however, you are correct that the amount is too small for a debt settlement program to make sense. That leaves you with the debt management program option which will help you consolidate your credit card bills and lower your interest rates.

This can provide some monthly payment relief but you will have to decide if it is enough for you as your debt balance will still not be reduced. I would start by speaking with some credit counseling agencies to get a payment quote or two to see if you can squeeze it into your budget. The alternative is that your debts continue to grow which may force you into a more difficult situation down the road.

I wish you and your baby the best.