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How Do I Stop Annoying Debt Collections Calls?

This is one of the most hated parts about having a debt problem, debt collection calls. As if it is not already bad enough, now you have debt collectors calling you daily and harrassing you constantly. The credit card companies will call you once you fall behind on your payments and then after a period of time (typically 6 months or so) they will turn your account over to a collections agency. That’s when things can get REALLY ugly!

The collections agency gets paid if they are able to collect money from you. Therefore they hire aggressive telephone representatives who can get very nasty in an effort to scare you into paying them.

Can debt collections calls be stopped?

Not unless you hire a lawyer to fight them on your behalf in which case the lawyers office will facilitate all communications with your creditors. If you hire a debt settlement company to reduce your debts, the company will also take most of your calls but typically cannot guarantee they you will not continue to get a few collections calls. However, the amount should decrease as your creditors realize that you have hired a debt settlement company.

The same can be said for a debt management or credit counseling company, they will recieve most of your calls especially since they are typically very friendly with the credit card companies who know that a person in a debt management program is typically going to pay back everything that is owed (unlike debt settlement) with the exception of some fees and penalties that may be waived.

The bottom line is that in seeking professional help for your debt problem, the headaches caused by the debt collections calls should subside and you can feel happy knowing that you can answer the phone again.