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i recieve ssi and am no longer working. I am 25 years old and my FICO score is high never late not once. i have great credit report. i can not dig my way out and dont want a blemish on my credit report. That being said would my creditors be more willing to see it is not a pattern ive tried so hard?

Your credit score is determined by a computer that takes many variables into account before tallying up a score it assigns to you. Unfortunately, the computer does not have a sympathetic ear and it will assign your number based on the facts it has about your financial situation. If you are unable to work and your income is not enough to dig you out of your debt hole, you may need to seek the debt relief help of a debt management or debt settlement company assuming you run out of ALL other options.

In your situation, any professional debt relief service should be your last resort as they will negatively impact your credit score although debt management much less so than debt settlement.

If you speak with a non profit credit counseling agency they will likely be able to assess your situation and provide free budgeting advice as they are required to do so. They may suggest you enter into their debt management program and that will have to be a decision you make after learning what it entails from them.

Best of luck.