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What is a “Credit Card Debt Judgement?” I have one filed by Harris & Zide for B of A. How do I reverse this if I want to settle with them?

Hello. A credit card debt judgement is basically a court order that allows Bank of America to to collect the money you owe them through your bank accounts or possibly even garnish your wages. It means they have sued you and won which gives them the right to do more than just ask you for the money back, now they can get the money back through other means legally.

I am not a lawyer but I suggest you get one if you are unable to repay them. If you use a lawyer who specializes in debt relief, they will be able to tell you all your options. Fill out the “Need My Help” form you see on the right hand column of this page and based on your debt amount and location, I can give you the name and information of someone reliable to call for a no cost consultation. That way at least you can learn your options.

Best of luck to you in the process.