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I have a load of credit card debt due to struggling small business. I don’t want to do the bankruptcy thing but I have to do something if I’m going to stay alive. I also have some leasing agreements which I’d like help with.

If you are behind and unable to pay your credit card bills, then it sounds like you may want to look into a debt settlement option. Other than bankruptcy or finding some way to pay off that debt, it is really the only way to try and actually reduce your debt load to something that hopefully is more managable.

A debt settlement company will not be able to assist you with your leases, however, as those are not traditional unsecured debts. Your best best bet is to look into your lease agreements and see if you are able to sub-lease or try and negotiate directly with your landlord. If it is too complicated then you should try and seek out the advice of a local lawyer to assist you.

Also, it is important to know if the credit card debt you have is under your business of belongs to you personally. If it is part of the business and you business is incorporated then technically, that debt belongs to the business, not you personally. This is something to consider when deciding your options for the business.