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Can credit card collectors harass me at work?

Thank You for the question – sorry for the delayed response. Yes, your credit card collectors can call you at home and at work and so can any 3rd party collection agencies your creditors may have hired to help collect what is owed to them.

However, once you are represented by a legal service, they will typically issue a Cease and Desist letter on your behalf that makes the collectors aware you now have representation. Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act this letter prevents 3rd party collections agencies from contacting you, however, it does not prevent your original creditors from contacting you further.

Most debt relief services are able to reduce the amount of collection calls due to their existing relationsips with the major creditors who are likely to stop calling you and starty calling them once they know you have signed up for their debt relief program.

Since I am not a lawyer, my advice is that you discuss this with a lawyer or the debt relief company you may be considering using to assist you.