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My credit card debt has been charged off and now a collection agency is harrassing me for payment. My contract is not with them, but with the credit card co.

When you fall behind on your payments, credit card companies often use 3rd party collection agencies to try and retrieve the money for them. In addition, often they will sell the “bad debt” to a 3rd party collection agency for pennies on the dollar and then the collection agency profits by getting you to pay as much as they can.

I have no idea which situation your is, but either way the credit card companies do have the right to use 3rd party companies to try and collect the money so long as the laws are followed by that company in collecting the debt.

They are likely to continue to contact you until either:

1. You pay the debt back
2. You hire a debt relief company to help you (will likely reduce but not stop the calls to you)
3. You file bankruptcy
4. You hire a lawyer to take your calls
5. They sue you for the money
6. They decide to “write off” your account – not likely

Sorry but they or someone else will continue to come after the money you owe them.