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I have secured debts that I need to have consolidated due to a family illness. How can I have Auto loans, Personal Loans, and credit cards rolled into one lower payment to be able to afford the medical bills?

Hello. The only way I know of to consolidate secured and unsecured debts is to get a new loan from a bank that will allow you to pay back all your various creditors, secured and unsecured, leaving you with 1 bank loan.

However, as you know, banks will not loan you that money without something to secure it which most likely needs to be a home with a lot of equity in it. Unfortunately, if you do not have a home worth a lot less than your current mortgage I do not know of any simple solution.

You may be able to consolidate your unsecured debt using a debt settlement or debt management company but they cannot assist you with secured debt.

I wish I had a more positive answer for you….I wish you the best.