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i would like to consolidate my credit cards into one monthly payment , is that possible ?

Yes, it is very possible. Both debt management and debt settlement plans offer the benefit of consolidating your credit cards into one monthly payment. With a debt management plan, they will collect your money and then distribute it to the credit card companies on a monthly basis. A debt settlement plan will set up a trust account for you and you will make a monthly payment into it, however, the credit card companies will not get any of it until enough accumulates for your debt settlement company to negotiate a lower balance with each creditor you have.

You may also consolidate using your home equity (if you have a home with equity available). That is the best solution but not everyone can do it.

Finally, if you are able to handle your payments (and do not need serious debt relief), then you can try a find a low rate credit card (not easy – don’t fall for teaser rate offers) and consolidate that way. Best of luck to you.