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who is The American Debt Free Association in Rockville, MD. and how good are they? Is there any complaints against them?

Hello. I do not know about them. I suggest you you do as much research as possible in choosing a debt relief company:

1. How big are they? (# of employees, # of clients, # of years in business?)

2. Do they do all negotiations in house? Customer service?

3. BBB ratings are good to check but should not be the sole source of your decision (any large company will have some complaints against them – what’s more important is how many relative to the number of clients they’ve had and how they have resolved those complaints).

4. Do they have an attorney on staff?

5. What references, client letters, settlement letters can they provide you with?

In short, do your homework as best you can no matter what company you are speaking with. You also should always talk to a few companies and ask the same hard questions to see if one gives you more honest answers or just tries to sales talk you into signing up.

If they aren’t upfront about the negatives of debt relief solutions and tell you the whole story (good and bad) you should be careful about doing business with them.