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If I am planning on purchasing a house in 18 months and chose to do the “debt settlement” what are the chances in being able to get a house and with a decent interest rate. I have 30,000+ in credit card debt and I am only 27 yrs old HELP!!!!!!!!

Hello, unfortunately you should not plan on being able to do both. Entering a debt settlement program to reduce your $30K in debt will most likely prevent you from getting a mortgage as your credit will be damaged for longer than 18 months. Most settlement programs take 24-36 months to complete and then after you are done, you would need time to rebuild your credit.

By the same token, you need to ask yourself, with $30K in credit card debt would you be able to get a mortgage at all? That depends on your income level and your ability to pay off that debt AND the mortgage simultaneously.

So assuming you cannot afford the credit card debt and the mortgage payment you may want to deal with one at a time and the credit card debt is upon you now – deal with that first, then you will be more eligible for a mortgage.

Like you said, you are only 27 years old, get rid of the credit card debt first (preferably without debt settlement if you are able to do so), you have many years ahead of you when you can enjoy a new house.