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Non Profit Debt Relief

Non Profit Credit Counseling – Is It Free?

The answer depends on what services they provide you with. Non profit credit counseling companies do offer free debt advice but they get paid when they enroll you into a debt management plan. So essentially, one of the services that non profit credit counseling companies provide is debt management plans for consumers with mounting debt more »

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What Types of Help Do Non-Profit Consumer Debt Services Provide?

This is a common question and the words “non profit” cause a lot of confusion. Good non profit consumer debt services will be able to help you consolidate your debts into 1 monthly payment with lower fees and interest rates through their debt management plans. In addition, they should also provide you with family budgeting advice more »

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What Are Non Profit Debt Services?

You see the TV ads and listen to the spots on the radio all talking about non profit debt services? Sounds great but what are they? Often they are more commonly refered to as credit counseling companies which means they provide a variety of debt solutions based on your situation and needs – debt management more »

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Non-Profit Debt Solutions vs. For Profit Debt Solutions – Which to Use?

To be honest, you should not really be concerned with the profit status of the company you use for debt relief. Non profit does not mean all thier services are free. It’s more important that you discover the type of debt solution that’s best for you and then find a reputable company to help you. more »

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