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IRS Offer In Compromise

Who Provides Offer in Compromise Help?

When seeking assistance in determining if an offer in compromise may be available to you as an IRS tax debt relief solution, be careful that you seek the best help. In general, their are several types of people who can provide this service like lawyers, accountants, and federally licensed agents. I recommend you work with more »

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Why Would the IRS Offer Compromise?

The IRS offers a tax compromise in certain situations because they know it is their only option. If you prove to them you cannot pay them your tax, they are willing to take what you can afford vs. their alternatives of: 1. Never getting anything from you 2. Spending valuable time and resources chasing after more »

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What is an Offer in Compromise?

The IRS can grant an offer in compromise to people who owe large amounts of federal taxes that they have no way of paying. It is a solution to the debtor that reduces the total tax bill by a potentially huge amount, sometimes for pennies on the dollar. It is basically a settlement negotiation just more »

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