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Debt Reduction Services

Do I Have a Reliable Debt Relief Company?

In choosing a reliable debt relief company, you first need to understand what debt relief options are available to you. Your chioices largely depend on the type of debt that you have and the amount you owe. I suggest that if you are unsure, go to my simple debt relief options grid or watch my more »

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Legal Debt Settlement Services- Should I Use a Lawyer?

In theory most lawyers can help you however, you will best off going to one who actually specializes in legal debt settlement services. Providing this type of service requires unique challenges and specialization which debt settlement companies are set up especially for. In particular, a company or law firm that provides debt settlement services is more »

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How Long Does a Debt Reduction Negotiation Process Take to Be Debt Free?

That depends…Your options for debt reduction varies depending on your situation. If you have significant equity in your home, you may be able to refinance and pay off your credit card debts avoiding the debt reduction negotiation process altogether. However, that is not really true debt reduction since you are just transfering the debt balance more »

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How Can I Achieve a Reduction of Debt I Owe?

The best way to reduce debts like credit cards if you cannot find a way to pay it off by effective budgeting and sound financial discipline is to use a debt settlement company who has established relationships with all the major creditors (credit card companies, department store charge card companies, etc). They work with people more »

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