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Debt Negotiation Advice

Credit Negotiation Company Ratings- Do They Exist?

Everybody wants to know “Who is the best credit negotiation company?” and honestly that is not the right question to ask. You really should be asking: “What Credit Negotiation Company is Best for Me?” Like anything, you need to find an honest debt negotiation company that you believe is the best for you. There is more »

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Can I Do Credit Card Negotiation Myself?

Credit card companies are all different. While they each have entire departments set up to deal with late payment accounts, credit card negotiation, and collections, they each have different standards and procedures that dictate how they deal with “troubled” credit card accounts. Detailed debt negotiation ” how to” information is hard to come by. Yes, more »

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Credit Negotiation- Why Will Credit Card Companies Reduce My Debt?

Credit card companies are in the business of loaning money that they need paid back. They allow you to get something now and pay for it later, esentially it is a short term (usually=) loan so why would they enter into a credit negotiation to reduce the debt? As with any loan sometimes the borrower more »

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How Long Does Negotiating Debt Take?

Typically when you hire a debt settlement company and enroll in their program for negotiating debt, they will gather information from you in order to determine the best plan of action based on your needs and situation: Your income The amount of unsecured debt you have Who you owe money to How old your debt more »

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What is Debt Settlement or Debt Negotiation?

Debt negotiation is basically another way to describe debt settlement. The negotiation is typically done by a debt settlement company and entails a process by which they reduce your debt by getting your creditors (the people who you owe the money to) to accept a smaller amount than you actually owe to satisfy your debt obligation more »

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