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Debt Management Plan

What Are the Benefits of a Financial Debt Management Program Over Settlement?

I’ve often stated that debt settlement is meant as a bankruptcy alternative and many people are not in a situation that warrants the drawbacks it can involve. A financial debt management program is a solution that people should consider if they need modest, not severe, help. It’s all about how unaffordable your current monthly unsecured more »

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Is a Credit Card Debt Management Solution Right for Me?

People visit this site to learn more about their debt relief options and they want guidance on which solution is best for them. Unfortunately, there is no “one size fits all” answer to that question but generally here is when you should consider credit card debt management as a solution for you. 1. You have more »

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Does Debt Management Hurt My Credit Score?

The questions about credit scores is the most common one I get on this site. Debt management plan will not hurt your credit score as negatively as a debt settlement plan. Typically, when you enter a debt management plan it will be noted on your score that you are getting assistance in managing your credit more »

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What Is the Difference Between Credit Counseling & Debt Management Services?

Debt management services and credit counseling are basically two terms to describe the same service and that service is helping a consumer consolidate their unsecured (mostly credit card) debt into one payment typically with reduced interest rates and fees. Technically, an industry insider will say that credit counseling companies provide a broader range of services more »

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What is Debt Management Credit Consolidation?

Debt management is the process of consolidating your unsecured debts like credit cards into one monthly payment allowing you to reduce fees and interest rates. The debt management credit consolidation process is typically handled by a debt management company (also often called debt consolidation or credit counseling company) who has established relationships with all the more »

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