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I have about over $70 thousand in unsecure debt and no matter how hard i have tried cant get out of it alone. i am looking into my options . i have read your wonderful site and see the difference between debt settlement and debt managment. which in your opionon is the best option. before finding this site my freind told me about but im hesistant as dont want to get stuck with a company that doesnt actually help and keep its promises. any advice?

Well, I hate to say it, but the truth is…it depends. There is no “best debt solution” or “best debt company”. Every situation is different for each person in debt:

1. Your income
2. What debts you have
3. Your ability to save

Similarly, debt relief companies have programs that may differ in how they can assist you:

1. The type of solution they offer
2. The length of their programs
3. How they charge for their services
4. How well they communicate with their clients

Etc…Etc…So I suggest you continue to do your research, decide if debt settlement or a debt management program is better for you, speak with a few firms, get quotes, and decide who is best for you and your situation. What’s most important is trust. You need to trust the debt relief company you choose above all else even if their are other companies who may charge you less or make bigger promises.

Only you can decide what the best debt solution is for you. Thanks.