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I owe approx. $2400 and am on a fixed monthly income of approx. $400. What is the best debt settlement company for me?

Actually, debt settlement will not be an option for you as they all have minimums they work with that typically start at $10,000 in unsecured debt. Anything less than that is not economically feasable for them to work with.

For your situation, I suggest speaking to a credit counseling company who may be able to assist you in setting up a budgeting plan, lowering interest rates, and minimizing any late fees on your credit card accounts. Most of these companies are non-profit and the fees they are able to charge for their services are regulated by the government to help people like yourself on a fixed income.

It is free to speak with them about their programs to see if they can work on your budget with you and learn how their program can assist you with your situation. Their program cost, although relatively small, may still be too much on your income to make sense. I would just be careful and be diligent about not allowing that $2400 balance grow. Be disciplined on your spending and try and get that down to zero as best you can because it can quickly get out of hand if you let it grow.

Best of luck to you.