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i have contacted freedom debt relief and since it’s my first experience with a debt settlement company, i am afraid that they will rip me off, my collectors will garnish my wages, etc. how do i know for sure that the company will do what it says, take my money, stop collections, etc

Hello. This is a common question and the reason why I offer assistance to people by providing the free report of a debt relief company who can work in your area to people who request it on this site. Truthfully, it is just like any other type of service you sign up for. You need to talk to them, do your research, evaluate your options, and make a decision based on the opinion you form.

It’s like hiring a tax accountant or deciding where to get your home mortgage. You should get as much information as you can before you make your decision. You must be comfortable with the company you select as it’s a big decision. It’s always scary entrusting someone with your money but one way to protect yourself (at least with a debt settlement company) is to be sure that your monthly payments are going directly into a 3rd party trust account that they will set up for you.

The trust company is seperate from the debt settlement company and the account should be set up in your name. This offers a layer of protection and the only money that should be paid directly to the settlement company is their service fees.